Social Media - "Sexting" - Parent Newsletter

Social Media - "Sexting" - Parent Newsletter
Posted on 12/16/2016

Dear Parent and Guardians of CGMS Students,

I am writing today as a concerned parent and educator and ask that you keep this message between us as adults. Recently we have been dealing with some situations at CGMS where students have been exchanging inappropriate pictures over social media networks.

As we have talked with students we have found that many of our student do not fully understand the severity of this and in fact “sexting” has become a norm for this young generation.  A recent nationwide survey revealed that 1 out of every 5 teens surveyed have either sent, received or forwarded sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude photos through text. 

I cannot tell you how big of a problem this is because of the sensitive nature.  Once images have been transmitted, they cannot be taken back, and may be permanently accessible on the internet.  They could impact a young person’s ability to be admitted to college, to be hired for a job and much more.

From a school standpoint, we will take it very seriously when one of our students shows private pictures of another student and consider it sexual harassment. The sending of nude pictures over the Internet is also a crime if the parents of the victim, who could be the child that asked for the picture, decide to press charges.

My purpose in letting you know is two-fold. The first is to make you aware of the situation because in many of these instances the school and the parents would have never guessed their child would have given into this kind of pressure. I would encourage you to talk with your child about these issues and let them know the severe consequences of these kind of choices. The humiliation of the child knowing that others have seen these pictures is very difficult on these children.

The second purpose is to encourage you to monitor your child’s use of social media. I understand that you want to trust your child and give them their privacy.  Social media is the primary mode of bullying that we deal with at school. Most victims of bullying and sexting remain quiet. By monitoring your child’s communication you will know if they are receiving inappropriate communication and your child will know that they are accountable to you for how they communicate using social media.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My e-mail address is

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