Mrs. Snyder 7/8 Language Arts

Mrs. Snyder's CE Language Arts Class
Grades 7 & 8


This class is challenging, rigorous, and fast-paced. Expectations are high as we work through (and enrich) the district approved calendar.

Reading in School
Students will be reading a diverse selection of poetry, novels, short stories, and nonfiction articles. A majority of instruction will come from students' independent reading novels.

Learning how to communicate effectively through writing persuasive, descriptive, and narrative pieces will be the focus of our writing instruction. Students will also increase their ability to cite textual evidence with a visiting instructor: Dr. Brian Taylor

Speaking & Listening
Students will be provided opportunities to sharpen their speaking and listening skills daily as they work in partner, small group, and whole-class discussions.

Homework = Reading at Home
The goal this year is to have students read over ONE MILLION words, which breaks down to 40 minutes of reading EVERY DAY (outside of school). Reading is an essential skill in both academics and in life; students can only become better readers by reading!

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Reading/Writing Projects          30%
Tests/Quizzes                               30% 
Student Skills/Participation      20%
STEM/Non-STEM Projects         20%